How To Celebrate Lawn & Garden Month

How To Celebrate Lawn & Garden Month

April not only boasts itself as the National Lawn and Garden Month, Easter celebrations land mid-month on the 16th, and Earth Day follows closely on the 22nd. All share in common a deep appreciation for the seasonal rebirth of the spirit and the reawakening of the land. Nothing banishes the winter blues like watching the lawn push up its new green shoots and flower beds returning to life. With or without a month dedicated to celebrating lawns and gardens, people across the country will revel in the growing grass and flowering shrubs. As spring beckons with its balmy embrace once again, it’s only the natural thing to do.

How can you make the most of the April lawn and garden festivities?

Plant a Butterfly Garden

Butterflies herald the coming summer in fine fashion. With their striking colors and charming flight patterns, who wouldn’t like to attract as many of these beautiful insects as possible?  The U.S. hosts roughly 575 verified butterfly species. With a few key nectar-producing and host plants, you can attract your fair share of them and even contribute to the cause of increasing the butterfly population in the States. By surrounding your lawn with a border of the following plants, your yard can be the butterfly toast of the neighborhood.

  • Milkweed
  • Alligator Flag
  • Mistflower
  • Passion Vine
  • Fennel
  • Cassia
  • Spicebush
  • Salvia
  • Purple Cone Flower
  • Tampa Verbain

Rejuvenate a Faltering Lawn

If your lawn took on a shabby appearance last season, this is the April you should restore it to a healthy condition. To boost your existing lawn, follow these easy steps:

  1. Mow the lawn shorter than usual.
  2. Choose good warm climate turf seed.
  3. Loosen the soil if it’s compacted.
  4. Use a rake to spread the new seed.

If you choose to use a weed killer in the process, wait about two weeks after the application before raking in the seed.

Install Fresh Sod

If your lawn has reached the end of it’s lifecycle, or you would like to add a brand new lawn to your landscape, consider installing new turf. By selecting a good sod for your purposes, you enjoy the benefits of acquiring an instant lawn. You won’t have to wait for your grass to grow from seed while you constantly fuss over it and try to protect it from birds and weed infestations. Duda Sod offers a large selection of turf grasses, such as Icon Zoysia, developed specifically for our sub-tropical environment.

Wake the Mower from Hibernation

What would April be without the ritual awakening of the lawn mower and trimmer equipment? Left in storage over the winter, it’s time to haul them out and give them a good check up. If you forgot to clean them, drain the fluids and sharpen the mower blades, you may need to give your gear a tune-up before your grass blades commence their reach for the sky.  

Plant a Vegetable Garden

With our mild winters, we’re in little danger of frost by the time Lawn and Garden Month rolls around. Unlike our northern neighbors, you can till up your vegetable garden and start planting in early April. Seasoned gardeners know that cultivating your own vegetables tends to enrich your life in a way no other hobby can. They claim that working with soil and produce plants can calm troubled souls and provide hours of peaceful absorption in tasks with a fruitful reward.

Install a Practice Putting Green

For fun, you might like to install a putting green in the midst of your yard. Avid golfers can practice their putting all summer. If you have children, you could even create a miniature golf course to keep them busy in the fresh air for hours. What kind of grass works best for putting practice? Just call us at Duda Sod to learn all about the varieties of sports turf.
What better way can you celebrate Lawn and Garden Month than by inviting the butterflies, creating an emerald sea around your home and making it an inviting place to relax and play? If you would like to explore the idea of installing sod designed to resist weeds and insects and that conserves water, please contact Duda Sod. Our experts would be happy to answer all of your turf-related questions and recommend a great sod installation company.