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Controlling Weeds is a Good Start to Having the Perfect Florida Lawn

Florida has a climate that people flock to. It has a reputation for warmth and sunshine that inspires songs. It is also a haven for weeds if we aren’t staying on top of our weed control responsibilities. Weed control is also a problem that all Florida residents are familiar with from homeowners to business owners and property managers. We don’t want the place we call home or our employees or clients walking into something that resembles a jungle overgrowth or an abandoned property.

Dealing with weeds, however, isn’t as simple as getting some weed killer spray and hitting your yard once a year, especially if you live in Florida. With the beautiful Florida weather comes the perfect climate for all types of vegetation and growth. That includes weeds. So when it comes to making sure your yard, your office, that ballpark or whatever plot of land you have is weed-free, lush and beautiful, it can be beneficial to have some help.

All Grass Is Not Created Equal
Professional lawn experts like the folks at Duda Sod, who are entrusted with providing builders, ballparks and public offices with aesthetically pleasing lawns, have the experience, knowledge and know-how to help. Depending on where you live in Florida and factors like climate and grass type will all determine the best type of sod for your lawn needs.

Those who have studied and been taught about lawn care, understand what types of grass afford the best weed control versus those that may not offer as much weed-resistance, those like the professional helpful people at Duda Sod. It may be that you live in a region of the state that is simply prone to weeds and you will need a grass that offers excellent weed control. The Tifway 419 Bermuda grass, for example, could be a good option in that circumstance.

In other cases, weed growth may not be nearly as great of a concern in which case a grass like the FLORATAM St. Augustine which happens to be the most widely produced and purchased turfgrass in Florida, could work nicely. The good news is that you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

Weeding Out the Problem
It doesn’t matter if it is Goosegrass, Quackgrass or Crabgrass, these and other weeds are an eyesore, a pain to deal with and a pain in – our yards. Having the knowledge to know what enemy weed you are dealing with, what grass works best for what yards and other insights will result in a beautiful lawn. Our lawns are in a constant fight to stay full, healthy, and green. From dry seasons to erosion concerns and soil nutrition – weeds are simply one of the many hurdles to creating the perfect lawn.

That is arguably one of the main reasons people and businesses choose to sod their yards. With the ability to choose from different types of grass, install a lawn free of weeds and parasites and eliminate the need of weeding, using sod products and services is the perfect way to remove the problems that prevent you or your business from having that eye-catching lawn.

The Perfect Lawn
From sod installers to different sod varieties and turfgrass, Duda Sod is equipped with everything you need to make your lawn stand out and thrive in Florida’s warm climate. A great yard says something about the people who live there. A great lawn will foster and promote the image of a business. It doesn’t matter if you care about the yard your children play in or the image you present to your visitors and clients, having a great lawn is important because it matters to you,

If you have a large family or your lawn gets a considerable amount of traffic, be sure to inquire about the turfgrass options at Duda Sod as well. This is a great type of hybrid grass that stands up to traffic and delivers high-quality ground cover and longevity. Having the perfect lawn means more than having a yard that is free of weeds but that’s a good start.