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Drought-Resistant Grass Sod: Wise Choice for Water-Efficient Landscaping

Drought-Resistant Grass Sod: Wise Choice for Water-Efficient Landscaping Type

Keeping up with watering your lawn is difficult enough in Florida because of the sandy soil. However, many parts of the state often have watering restrictions, which means your lawn won’t get the water it needs to thrive in the hot temperatures and soil with poor nutrients. When you need water-efficient landscaping, drought-resistant grass sod, such as St. Augustine sod, is the best option if you hope to keep your lawn luscious. Duda Sod provides sod installation for several types, including Zoysia sod and St. Augustine sod.

How Drought-Resistant Green Grass Sod is Beneficial

The benefits of installing drought-resistant grass sod from the Duda sod farm are many and include:

You Will Conserve Water

At Duda Sod, we grow drought-resistant grass varieties that thrive in low-water conditions. They are great for cities and counties that have water restrictions, as they require less water than traditional grass.

The water-efficient landscaping reduces water bills and conserves water, which contributes to overall environmental sustainability in your community. Some of the water-resistant sod varieties we carry include St. Augustine, Zoysia grass sod and Bahia sod. The amount of shade on your lawn and the color you want your grass dictate what type of sod you should order from our sod farms.

Harsh Condition Adaptability

The Florida heat combined with sandy soil creates harsh conditions for growing lush green grass. Drought-resistant sod from sod companies like Duda sod allows you to have that green lawn you always wanted without having to break watering restrictions after the first two weeks. Because our sod can withstand periods of water shortage, it can maintain its green appearance even through the dog days of summer.

Significant Reduction in Lawn Maintenance

Drought-resistant sod requires less maintenance – but you still have to maintain it. You’ll still have to fertilize it and spray for pests and diseases, though not as often as you would with regular grass. You may find that your mowing schedule changes, too as many types of drought-resistant sod require less mowing.

Water-Restriction Resilience

Many areas have water restrictions. Some may allow you to water your lawn once per month, others weekly, and some not at all, depending on the scarcity of water available. Our drought-resistant varieties are more apt to remain green when the watering frequency is lowered to every two to four weeks, where other lawns will struggle with limited water.

Landscape Cost Savings

The initial cost of drought-resistant sod may be a bit higher than other sod solutions. However, you’ll save money in the long run by having to water it less frequently. Maintenance costs, including pest control sprays, disease control, and fuel for the mower, may also be lower.

Don’t forget your time, too! Time is money, and the less time you spend on maintaining your lawn, the more time you can spend with your family. For those who work many hours, your lawn won’t suffer if you can’t tend to it on a tight mowing or watering schedule that a non-drought-resistant lawn may require.

Curb Appeal

Everyone loves curb appeal. Every time you go outside, you look at your neighbor’s yard to see if it looks better than yours. When you use drought-resistant sod, your landscaping will always look great, even though you spend less time maintaining it than your neighbors. They’ll be wondering how your grass looks so lush during the dry periods when theirs is starting to turn brown because of the lower water restrictions.

Contact Duda Sod for More Information

When you consider drought-resistant sod for landscaping, it’s important that you choose a grass variety that is suited for your area and your current landscaping. For example, you wouldn’t want a grass variety that requires full sun if you have a lot of shade trees on your property.

When you contact Duda Sod for drought-resistant sod, we’ll help you choose the best sod for your lawn so you will have the best results possible. We’ll let you know how to prep your yard for sod installation and explain what you need to do for the first three weeks to ensure you receive the best results.

Contact Duda Sod today to discuss your sod needs and learn more about drought-resistant sod.