Empire Turf Zoysia: The Best Choice for Homeowners  

Homeowners know the importance of maintaining their lawn. From enhanced curb appeal to preventing pest infestations and lawn diseases, proper lawn care and landscaping can go a long way toward keeping a healthy lawn. However, the type of sod chosen for home lawns also makes a big difference in the look, durability, and resistance of grass. If you’re a Florida or Texas homeowner in search of quality turfgrass that thrives in warm climates, consider Empire Turf Zoysia.

Key Features of Empire Turf Zoysia Grass

Many homeowners desire a green, plush lawn but accomplishing this feat is not always easy. What makes Empire Turf Zoysia grass an optimal choice for homeowners is its superior features. Empire Zoysia is a dark green, medium-bladed grass with an eye-catching blue-green color. It is soft to the touch and underfoot and produces minimal seed head, which is a common irritant among allergy sufferers.

This quality sod is known for its high drought tolerance and durability, making it an excellent choice for homeowners in hot climates like Florida and Texas. Empire Turf Zoysia offers moderate shade tolerance and is highly resistant to chinch bugs. Being a low-maintenance grass, Empire Turf Zoysia requires less edging than other grass types and can be trusted not to creep into your garden beds.

Empire Turf Zoysia Grass Lawn Care

The average American spends approximately 70 hours each year mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and performing other lawn care duties, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey. Fortunately, Empire Zoysia is a low-maintenance turf with very good weed control and an optimal height of between one and two inches.

How often you need to mow will depend on a variety of factors, such as the frequency of fertilizer use. If you fertilize often, consider mowing about every ten days to maintain a neat appearance. If you skip spring or summer fertilizing, Empire Turf may also need to be mowed every three to four weeks.

The amount of water you’ll need to water your lawn is also minimal. While freshly laid Empire Turf Zoysia will need regular watering, a fully established lawn will usually require no additional watering due to its deep root system that can usually survive off rainwater alone.

However, watering is recommended during dry winters to improve the color of the grass, especially in areas prone to frost. In addition, watering this type of grass after fertilizing can help activate the fertilizer’s slow release. It is also important to note that Empire Turf generally requires less fertilizer than other types of grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of grass is Empire Turf Zoysia?

It is a species known for its low maintenance and excellent resistance to insects, weeds, and diseases. Zoysia is pleasant both underfoot and on the eyes due to its fine, soft texture and natural low-growing tendencies.

2. Is Empire Turf Zoysia a warm-season grass?

Yes, Empire Turf is a warm-season grass and grows best in hot summer areas. This type of sod is highly resistant to both heat and cold and is also drought resistant.

3. Does Empire Turf Zoysia grow well in the shade?

Empire Turf Zoysia does offer medium tolerance to shade. This means that homeowners with both sun and shade can enjoy this type of grass in their yards.

4. Is Empire Turf Zoysia hard to grow and maintain?

No, it is fairly easy to both grow and maintain. Once the grass is established, simple watering and fertilizing can help you achieve a healthy lawn.

5. Is Empire Turf Zoysia child and pet-friendly?

Yes, it is both child-friendly and pet-friendly. Due to the turf’s deep-rooted system, it offers a strong tolerance to traffic, making it a great option for homes with children and animals.

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