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A Greener Future: The Environmental Benefits of Laying Sod

Laying grass sod is a beautiful way to give your property an instant lawn, especially in Florida’s hot and humid climate. But did you know that there are many environmental benefits of laying sod or “turfgrass,” as it’s called too? It’s true. Even the United States Environmental Protection Agency lays out the benefits of putting down sod as one way of practicing erosion control. This is truly an important reason, considering that a significant hurricane season happens in Florida each year, where wind and rain can do considerable property damage. For a greener future, let’s look at the many environmental benefits of laying grass sod by Duda Sod.

We’re one of the best sod companies with high-quality sod farms in Florida to provide your home or business with the ultimate in environmentally-friendly sod installation. 

Benefit #1: Rainwater Runoff Control 

Sodding adds stability to areas that get a lot of rain. The rainy season in Florida, or the time of year that sees a lot of hurricanes from July through October can bring substantial rainwater during storms. Turfgrass or sod that is laid out provides more stable land outside your property that can slow up the flow of heavy rainwater. This rainwater runoff control can help prevent flooding and other damage to your property. 

Benefit #2: Absorbs Harmful Pollutants

Sod can absorb some of the harmful pollutants present in the air. It can bring down higher concentrations of carbon dioxide. The levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) have increased over the years due to the excessive burning of fossil fuels. That contributes to more harmful CO2 in the air, so having more sod around can bring down those levels of high CO2 that lead to climate change. 

Benefit #3: Releases Beneficial Oxygen 

When sod is absorbing all that carbon dioxide during the process of photosynthesis, it’s also releasing beneficial oxygen back into the air. All plants on Earth have this ability, but when it’s done by sod outside your lawn, know that you are benefiting the environment. Just to put this fact into perspective, a healthy 25 square-foot area of sod-based lawn can produce enough oxygen daily for one grown adult, according to a study that the Maryland Institute of Applied Agriculture did in 1996 about the economic value of sod. Going further than that, a 50 x 50-foot patch of sod can provide enough oxygen for a family of four. 

Benefit #4: Muffles Noise Pollution 

Noise pollution is a big problem in urban and suburban areas now. That’s another environmental benefit of sod. It can silence noise pollution by absorbing sound. Grassy areas effectively reduce stressful sounds and noise, especially in high-traffic areas. 

Benefit #5: Reduces Heat

Think of sod as a natural outdoor air conditioner. During the day, sod can absorb the sun’s rays much better than asphalt or pavement. This is called temperature moderation. The sod has cooling properties that, on a hot summer day in Florida, can reduce the temperature around your home by at least 10 to 15 degrees. This cooling effect can make it much more pleasant for your family to play outside and run barefoot around the sod lawn. 

Benefit #6: A Natural Care Fertilizer

Sod acts as a natural fertilizer for healthier soil. It keeps soil active in creating a healthy microbiome or environment in any given habitat. This can recondition the soil, keeping it alive and thriving over time. Grass sod is the best option for a long-lasting plant that benefits the area around any property. 

Are You Looking to Benefit the Environment and Where to Buy Sod?

When you are ready to outfit your home or business with the best types of sod for the environment, Duda Sod is here for you. We’re Florida’s leader in environmentally-friendly sod. If you have any questions about how sod can benefit the environment around your home and for the greater good, give us a call today. We’re more than happy to explain to you how beautiful sod is a positive factor regarding the environment for a better lawn.