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Get the Right Sod for Your Landscaping Project

There are certain considerations when choosing the right sod for your next landscaping project. Factors such as climate, project size, and budget are but just a few of those factors and of course there is the issue of appearance. So how do you start, where do you look and what do you need to know about choosing the right sod for your next job?

Climate and Care

In what climate will the sod be planted? How does the sod perform in that climate and are there any special considerations? Sod can be planted in nearly any climate. How well it survives and performs in those climates, however, is another story. It is important to understand the features, traits and qualities of your sod as well as any drawbacks of the particular grasses being considered.

Coverage and Area

In addition to the climate and care concerns, the amount of coverage needed and the amount of area needing sod should be taken into consideration. With various types of sod offering different types of coverage along with different pricing for each type of sod, the purpose for the sod and your budget will also be a factor in deciding on the best sod for your needs.

Here are a few examples of different types of sod and some of their benefits:

  • Icon Zoysia

Icon Zoysia is a naturally, emerald green zoysiagrass that is drought tolerant and quick to establish.  First discovered on the rocky cliffs, beach dunes and salt marshes of eastern Australia, Icon Zoysia is one of the most salt tolerant turf varieties available.  With a natural aesthetic and exceptional vigor, Icon Zoysia requires much less watering, mowing, chemicals and fertilizer than other grasses. You and your family will enjoy your Icon lawn.

  • EMPIRE Turf

This is arguably one of the most universal of grasses when it comes to acclimation. From the heat of summer to the cool of winter, and you can also shut off the water supply in severe periods of drought using EMPIRE turf without harming the lawn.

  • Floratam St. Augustine

FLORATAM St. Augustine is the most widely produced and purchased turfgrass in Florida and is very popular in the entire Gulf region. First released by the University of Florida and Texas A&M in 1973, this blue-green St. Augustine grass has withstood the test of time. Floratam is also one of the most cost-effective St. Augustine grasses to satisfy your residential or commercial needs.

  • Seville St. Augustine

SEVILLE St. Augustine is a fine-leaved, dwarf St. Augustine. With a dark green color and low growth habit, Seville performs well in both shade and full sun.

  • Palmetto St Augustine

Aesthetically pleasing and having the ability to thrive in a range of climates, it is no surprise this turfgrass is the #1 sold patented and trademarked grass in the world.


Purpose and Budget

While those are just a few of the sod options available, the right sod for your needs will ultimately depend on the purpose of the sod and the budget. Perhaps using that more expensive and beautiful grass (that may not be so valiant against wear and traffic) isn’t the best option for that practice field that is in use all year. Is the sod going to be used for a housing project? Erosion protection? A golf course or theme park?

Considerations such as durability, appearance and practicality should all be evaluated when selecting the best sod for your grass needs. A potential new home buyer is going to be more impressed by a beautiful lawn then the soccer coach needing to find a practice field for his team to use. The purpose of the grass and the feasibility of using a particular sod for those purposes will help you determine the right sod for your job.

Getting the Right Sod for Your Landscaping Project

There are many different types of sod and each may find its best use in a different scenario, however, getting the right sod for your project isn’t as difficult as you might think. Using some of the aforementioned considerations and speaking with Florida’s sod professionals, the experts at DudaSod will help you understand the varieties of sod, the benefits of each, and help narrow down the best choices for your project.

A great golf course, a beautiful lawn or a professional looking business property all begins with getting the right grass. Getting the right sod for your landscaping project will make a difference, the kind of difference that gets noticed.