How Does Hurricane Season Influence Your Florida Lawn Care?

Hurricane season here in Florida typically runs from June to November. Because you never know when a hurricane might hit your area, it is important to be prepared, both inside your home and in your yard. Like all plants, lawns can be susceptible to damage from hurricanes, so read on to learn how to prepare your lawn for hurricanes and what to do in the aftermath.

Before a Hurricane Arrives

If you pay close attention to the weather forecasts, you’ll hopefully have a general sense of what to expect. If hurricane conditions are on the horizon, take the time to mow your lawn before the storm hits. Of course, make sure it is safe to do so before heading outside, and be prepared to cut the job short if conditions change. Keeping your lawn short before a hurricane will make it easier to rake and tidy up after the storm. In addition, the soil will likely remain saturated for a while after the storm has passed, so it could be days or even weeks before you’ll be able to mow it again.

It is also a good idea to prune any trees or bushes before the storm if you have enough time. High winds can break branches or even uproot entire trees. They can then potentially damage your lawn as they fall or are strewn around your yard. Trimming them in advance can help protect your lawn and minimize possible damage. Harvest any nuts or fruits as well to prevent them from becoming dangerous projectiles in the wind. Be sure to secure any clippings and other waste in your shed or garage if your garden waste pickup won’t come before the storm does. Secure any yard furniture and decor you have in a safe location as well.

Finally, turn off your sprinkler system. Some modern systems automatically detect rain and turn themselves off. However, it is smart to shut the system down manually to avoid any malfunctions. Many grass types that grow well in Florida can be prone to over-watering. After a hurricane, your lawn won’t need to be watered for a while. It is best to wait until the soil is mostly dried out before reactivating your sprinkler system.

During a Hurricane

There is not much you can do for your lawn during the hurricane. Your priority at this time should be keeping yourself and your loved ones as safe as possible.

After a Hurricane Passes

When the storm is over, you can get to work on tidying up your yard. Start with large debris and work your way down to raking up smaller bits. If the soil under your lawn is fully soaked, try to stay off it as much as you can to minimize further damage. Wait until it has dried out at least somewhat before walking on it and especially before mowing. Attempting to mow wet grass can actually do more harm than good, tearing the grass blades instead of cutting them cleanly. This stresses your lawn and can leave it susceptible to pests and diseases. Don’t forget to turn your sprinkler system back on once the soil has dried back out.

Once you have cleared all of the debris and are able to safely mow your lawn again, you’ll be able to get a better sense of the damage it has sustained during the hurricane. Depending on the type of grass you have, minor damage may fill in quickly on its own. For more significant damage, you may need to reseed or apply new sod.

Restore Your Lawn and Landscaping with Fresh Sod

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