Hurricane Lawn Care: Hurricanes and Your Florida Lawn

Hurricane Lawn Care: Hurricanes and Your Florida Lawn

In Florida, hurricane season runs from the beginning of June to the end of November. So, we are right in the thick of it at the moment! You may have already experienced the effects of this year’s hurricane season, or you may be one of the lucky ones whose property has largely been spared. Whichever group you find yourself in, there are still things you can do around your property to protect your lawn so it can make it through this period intact.

Turn Off Your Sprinklers

When there is a hurricane on the way, it is always a good idea to turn off your sprinkler system. While some models turn themselves off automatically during inclement weather, not all sprinkler systems have this feature. It is best to do it manually, just to be safe. Don’t forget to turn it back on when the weather clears!

Hurricanes are known for bringing heavy rainfall, so giving your lawn additional water can do more harm than good. Even after the rains have stopped, the soil under your lawn will likely still be saturated for a while. Wait until it is mostly dry once again before returning to your regular watering schedule.

Check Your Yard’s Drainage

Heavy rains can often lead to flooding, especially if your yard does not drain well. Check any drains or grates in and around your property to ensure they are clear of debris. Leaves, trash, and other items can block these drains, rendering them ineffective when you need them most. When a hurricane is heading your way, check the drains frequently to ensure they are always clear.

Prune Your Trees

If you have any trees around your yard, trim away any weak or damaged branches or palms. High winds can break branches like these off of trees, hurtling them to your lawn below. This can cause significant damage to your lawn, often requiring extensive repairs. Not only are broken branches potentially hazardous for your lawn, they can also damage your home or injure you or a loved one. Keep your trees trimmed and tidy to stay safe.

If you have any fruit-, nut- or seed-bearing trees, harvest everything before a hurricane comes through. Like branches broken off trees, fruits and the like can be ripped off the tree in the wind, creating dangerous projectiles. There are many options for preserving fruits and nuts. A quick online search will yield numerous ideas and techniques for your particular items. You may even find a fun, new hobby you truly enjoy!

Clean Up Your Yard

As with branches and fruits, many other common yard items can be thrown through the air during hurricanes. Outdoor furniture, children’s toys, pool accessories, yard decor, gardening equipment and more can loft into the air in high winds. These objects can all cause damage to your lawn or home. Bring as many loose items as you can indoors until the weather is clear. It’s a temporary inconvenience that could save you a lot of time, money, and hassle on repairs.

Preserve Your Safety

Always remember, no lawn is worth risking your life. Even before a hurricane truly hits, you may experience heavy rains and strong wind gusts. Your own safety should always take priority over your lawn, so only follow the above tips if it is safe to do so. Conditions can change rapidly, so be prepared to head back indoors quickly if necessary. You can always repair your lawn in the spring; you can’t replace your life.

Restore Your Lawn with Sod

If hurricane season has damaged or even destroyed your lawn, Duda Sod is here to help. We offer premium sod for sale in Florida, including St. Augustine, Bahia, Floratam and Zoysia sod. All of these varieties are well-suited for the Florida climate, so they are great options for your lawn. We can help to arrange sod installation service for you as well as prepare your lawn for inclement weather. Contact our experts at any time for answers to your questions and to help you prepare or revive your lawn.