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How to Make Your Florida Lawn Pop this Summer

Your lawn is one of the first things people notice when they look at your Florida home, so you’ll want to keep it looking its best. Not only can this add value to your property, but it also helps to keep your outdoor living space cooler and more comfortable while also purifying the air and soil. There’s a bit more to keeping your yard healthy than just watering and mowing. Read on to learn what to do to keep your grass lush and green throughout the hot summer months.

Water at the Appropriate Time

Like all other plants, grass needs plenty of water in order to thrive. Lawn sprinklers are a great option for hydrating your lawn, and you can also water your grass using a simple garden hose with a spray nozzle. It’s not enough just to water your lawn, though; you’ll also need to water it at the right time of day to get the greatest benefit.

During the summer, the weather can get incredibly hot here in Florida, and that heat can cause the water from your sprinklers or hose to evaporate before ever reaching the ground. To ensure as much water as possible makes its way into the soil under your grass, it is best to water during a cooler part of the day. At Duda Sod, we recommend watering early in the morning before the sun rises or at night after it has gone down. Most modern lawn sprinkler systems incorporate automatic timers, making it easy to water exactly when your lawn needs it most.

Use the Rain to Your Advantage

Because of our humid climate, rain is common in Florida. With watering restrictions in place in many jurisdictions throughout the state, you might not always be able to water your lawn as much as you might like. Depending on the specific requirements in your area, you may be able to tailor your watering to make the most of the rain.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast throughout the week. Then, when you are expecting rain, you can turn off your sprinklers for that day so you can use them on another day without rain. This way, you may be able to squeeze in extra days of water for your yard, despite the local restrictions. Be sure to check the watering requirements for your specific area so you can accommodate them appropriately.

Aerate Your Lawn at the Beginning of the Season

Aerating the soil in which your lawn grows is a great way to keep it healthy. When the soil is a bit looser, it is easier for the water to soak down to the roots of the grass to keep it hydrated. Aim to aerate your lawn in June or early July to get the best results.

Be Vigilant About Weeds

If you’re not careful, weeds can quickly take over your lawn, making it harder for the grass to get the water it needs. Check your lawn for weeds periodically, especially at the beginning of summer before it gets really hot. When pulling weeds, it can be helpful to use a weed digger. This simple tool, found at any home improvement or garden store, can help ensure you get the weed out by the roots so it can’t grow back later.

Treat Your Lawn for Pests

There are a variety of lawn pests common to the Florida region, and they can cause damage to your grass over time. It is a good idea to consult with a local pest control specialist to identify any pests that are particularly prevalent in your specific area. They can then advise you as to how best to combat these pests to keep your lawn safe.

Fill in Any Bare Patches with Fresh Sod

Even with exemplary care, it is still possible to discover dry or bare patches in your lawn. To fill in these areas and restore your lawn’s fullness, you’ll need fresh sod. Here at Duda Sod, we proudly offer a wide variety of sod types that grow well in Florida. St. Augustine, Floratam, and Bahia are just a few options we offer. Contact our team today to choose the perfect sod for your Florida yard. We can help arrange the installation as well. Call today to get started.