Proper Installation of New Sod

Proper Installation of New Sod

The decision to install sod is an excellent one. It means greener, thicker grass and a beautiful lawn without the hassle of waiting for seeds to grow. This decision absolutely impacts the future of your lawn and the overall curb appeal of your home, so it is extremely important that the sod you decide on is the right sod for your yard and that it is installed properly. Having an expert installer do the job is an excellent idea because it can not only save you money, but save you a great deal of hassle down the road by ensuring that the entire project is completed correctly and carefully.

Preparation is key

A great deal of the sod installation depends on the preparation that is made for the installation. Preparing for sod involves measuring the entire area and then clearing the entire area of any debris such as rocks or stones. You may also want to rough grade the area to eliminate drainage problems by making sure water will not run into building foundations or fill any low areas.

Test Your Sod

It is highly suggested that you test the soil pH and find out what kind of levels your soil has. Soil tests are available at most local hardware stores and can give you many answers about what kind of sod will survive the best in your environment. It can also tell you about any additions your lawn may need to function at its fullest all year long.


Based on your test findings, your lawn may require a specific fertilizer or pH balancer before your sod is installed. The sod can only survive if it has the proper nutrition and environment to grow in, so fertilizer may be the best solution to maintaining the wellbeing of your soil before the sod is installed. A starter fertilizer is recommended regardless of what the soil test said and one that is high in phosphate is the best bet to incorporate on top of the soil to avoid any root injuries.

Choose Your Sod

One of the most important parts of installing new sod is making sure that you have chosen a sod that will work best for your environment and for what will look the best in your particular yard. Nothing ties together the amenities of indoor living like beautiful outdoor spaces. Duda Sod has played an important role in the introduction of new and improved turf varieties for your home lawn for many years. Here are the sod varieties that we offer for installation:

-Icon Zoysia Grass

-Empire Turf

-Floratam St. Augustine

-Seville St. Augustine

-Palmetto St. Augustine

-Captiva St. Augustine

-Sapphire St. Augustine

-Celebration Bermudagrass

-Tifway 419 Bermuda

-Bahia Grass

At Duda Sod, we pride ourselves on customer service. With readily accessible farms, quick and convenient loading, delivery, and reasonable pricing, Duda Sod is guaranteed to satisfy all of your sod installation needs. Our company focuses on growing quality varieties of sod and turfgrass that thrive in Florida’s warm climate. Not only that, we strive to bring you varieties that require less water, chemicals and fertilizers, so your lawn is easy to maintain and Florida-friendly.

Duda Sod offers sod delivery at most of our locations. We deliver quality sod at reasonable rates. We will put you in contact with our drivers, allowing you the convenience of real-time scheduling. Our delivery specialists take great care when spotting pallets of sod at your job site. As an installer, consider our delivery service as an amenity to your business.

We offer an array of financial incentives to assist sod installers. Our T.U.R.F. (Turf U Receive Free) program allows for product rebates per accumulated volume purchased. If you have a business license, consider opening an account with Duda Sod. A line of credit is a convenient tool for sod installers, ensuring great ease and fluidity in the purchasing process.

Since 1973, Duda Sod has been providing quality sod and services to hundreds of installers throughout Florida. Duda Sod is also proving itself in South Texas as a top choice for sod installers. If you are interested in having sod installed and improving the overall look of your lawn, give us a call and let us know how we can help.