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All About Scotts ProVista St. Augustine Sod

Florida is a great place to grow grass, thanks to its humid climate. However, some varieties of grass perform better than others in our local conditions. For Florida homeowners, St. Augustine grass is one of the most popular choices, as it grows very well in the area. However, Scotts Provista may be an option you might want to look into in Florida.

Within the St. Augustine category, the Floratam variety typically sees the best results, and Scotts Miracle-Gro has developed an even better version, dubbed Scotts ProVista. Creating this innovative new Floratam sod type was the result of more than 20 years of research and development, along with investments totaling more than $100 million. All of that effort is bringing homeowners a beautiful, hardy St. Augustine variety that is perfectly suited to growing and prospering in Florida. Here’s what you need to know to decide if Scotts ProVista is right for your needs.

Where to Plant Scotts ProVista St. Augustine Sod

Scotts ProVista is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you are looking to add a lush, green lawn to your home or require grass for a hotel, sports field, park, or other use, Scotts ProVista is likely to be a good choice.

The grass can grow well in a variety of settings, including areas that receive moderate shade throughout the day. Of course, it also does well in full sun, which is perfect for the Florida climate. It tends to grow in a horizontal pattern, so it will spread easily to fill in any bare areas that may currently exist in your lawn. This makes this type of sod incredibly easy to establish with minimal downtime.

A Lush, Uniform Appearance

Scotts ProVista grass is known for its rich green color that is deep and vibrant. This makes it a stand-out choice for your yard, helping your lawn to shine amid your neighbors’ yards. The grass itself grows in relatively dense, giving full coverage with minimal bare patches. This dense growth pattern also helps it resist damage, making it a good choice for areas that get a lot of foot traffic.

In terms of aesthetics, the uniform nature of the blades is the most important feature of Scotts ProVista St. Augustine. This gives your lawn the lushest, most consistent appearance possible, minimizing color and density variation throughout the space.

Diminished Growth Rate

Scotts ProVista grass is engineered to grow up to 40-percent slower than standard St. Augustine Floratam. What this means for you is a significant reduction in the amount of mowing you’ll have to do. Because the grass grows so slowly, you’ll typically only need to mow once every few weeks. Depending on your taste in terms of length, you may even be able to get away with mowing only once a month! The uniform growth pattern comes in handy here as well, keeping your grass looking its best between mows.

Natural Weed Resistance

What truly sets Scotts ProVista St. Augustine apart from other sod varieties is that because of its unique characteristics, it’s actually 100% free of weeds. Unlike Torpedo and Bermuda grass, Scotts ProVista doesn’t require traditional chemicals to get rid of pesky weeds, although it is safe to use in the chance that you do happen to get weeds in your grass. It’s best to treat Scotts ProVista the same you would treat Floratam, in terms of fertility, irrigation, and insect control.

In addition to its natural weed-resistant properties, Scotts ProVista is also the first sod variety to be resistant to glyphosate weed-treatment products. This means that in the rare cases that weeds do break through the grass, you can feel free to treat them with standard weed-killing regimens without having to worry about harming your lawn in the process. Because the lawn will do most of the weed-killing for you, you’ll also be able to reduce the amount of weed-killer you need, making Scotts ProVista a better, more environmentally-friendly choice.

Learn More About Scotts ProVista St. Augustine

If you think Scotts ProVista sounds like it might be right for you, or if you have any questions about this and other varieties of sod for sale, the experts here at Duda Sod will be more than happy to assist you. We are proud to provide St. Augustine and Floratam sod, along with many other sod types, for our clients throughout Florida. Reach out to our team today to get started!