Tips for a Lush Green Lawn

Tips for a Lush Green Lawn

The weather is starting to warm up here in Florida, and that means the full heat of the summer is just around the corner. While the summer heat is great for heading to the beach or enjoying other outdoor activities, it can make it more challenging to keep your lawn looking lush and green. Follow these tips to keep your grass as healthy as possible throughout the summer for a lush green lawn.

Minimize Mowing

Every lawn owner loves to hear that they can reduce their mowing frequency, and the summer is the perfect time to give your mower (and yourself!) a bit of a break. When you keep your grass cut short, the lawn expends most of its energy on growing new blades. In hot weather, this can make it more prone to drying out and can make it easier for lawn pests and diseases to take over. With longer blades, the lawn can focus its energy on expanding the root structure so that it can absorb as much moisture as possible. The shade provided by the longer blades will also help to keep the soil from drying out too quickly each day. Aim to mow about every two weeks, and keep the blades around 2 inches or taller, depending on your grass variety.

Water Strategically

Most communities in Florida have watering restrictions in place at some time during the year. Thus, be sure you are in compliance with the regulations in your area in terms of which and how many days each week you can run your sprinkler system. Set timers to water your lawn outside of the peak sunlight hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. To get the best results, run your sprinklers after the sun has gone down in the evening or before it comes up in the morning. This way, your lawn will have plenty of time to soak up the moisture before it evaporates in the heat. Also, make sure your sprinklers are spraying just your lawn, not your patio or driveway, to avoid wasting water on paved areas.

Take Advantage of Frequent Rains

We get plenty of rain here in Florida, even during the summer, so use it to your advantage to help water your lawn. The weather can sometimes be a bit unpredictable so keep an eye on the forecast to predict any upcoming rains. While still following local watering requirements, adjust your sprinkler schedule so that you aren’t watering on rainy days. This way, you may be able to get an additional day of watering by running the sprinklers only on dry days.

Be Vigilant About Pests and Lawn Diseases

Many common lawn pests and diseases can cause browning of the grass, so the problem isn’t always with the amount of water your lawn is getting. Check for any other signs of disease or pest infestations as soon as you notice dry patches so that you can determine the cause. Do your best to address any pest or disease issues as quickly as possible before they get out of hand. Follow your yard service or pest control provider’s advice regarding preventing future infestations or infections to keep them from coming back.

Adjust the Soil Composition

If you have ruled out watering issues, pest infestations and disease, a dry lawn could be the result of poor soil quality. A simple soil test can help you identify the nutrients your soil is lacking. Your soil test results will guide you in choosing the right products to restore your soil to better health, and with it, your lawn as well. Applying a fertilizer that is appropriate for your specific grass type can also help restore your grass to a lush green lawn. It is also a good idea to aerate the soil periodically, as it is much more difficult for your lawn’s roots to access moisture and nutrients from densely packed soil.

Fill Bare Patches with Fresh Sod

In some cases, your lawn may be too damaged and unhealthy to restore with better watering and care. For major lawn problems, you may need to install fresh sod to bring your lawn back to life. If this is the case for you, Duda Sod is here to help you get the green lawn you want. All of our sod varieties are known to thrive in the Florida climate, making it easier to keep them green and lush. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our offerings and schedule your sod delivery.