Zoysia Sod Varieties: A Closer Look at the Lush Options for Florida Lawns

Zoysia Sod Varieties: A Closer Look at the Lush Options for Florida Lawns

When looking to buy sod for your lawn, finding the correct type of sod for sale is a vital part of the process. Zoysia sod is known for being easy to maintain; it does not need as much water as other types of sod, and it is resistant to droughts. It’s a type of sod that is suitable for sod installation in Florida due to it responding well to hot environments, and it is most suited for the southern United States.

With enough sunlight and proper Zoysia grass sod, you can grow a lovely yard for your property. However, like other types of sod used for developing your lawn or for sod replacement, there are several types of Zoysia to choose from. Here is a brief overview of some of the most common types of Zoysia to add to your property.

Types of Zoysia Sod

There are several types of Zoysia sod to choose from, each offering its features and advantages. Here are some of the most popular varieties.

  1. Emerald Zoysia: one of the most popular types of Zoysia. Emerald Zoysia is deep green and stands out. It is a strong type of grass that resists damage and droughts. It grows thick and slowly, meaning it requires less frequent mowing when compared to other grasses.   

  1. Geo Zoysia: a dark green type of Zoysia. It is known for being soft, making it a good choice for home lawns. It is a dense type of grass with a mow height of .5 to 1.5 inches, and its growth pattern can block weed growth. It also resists droughts, meaning it does not need a lot of rainfall to stay healthy.

  1. Empire Zoysia: a wide-bladed type of grass. Empire Zoysia is dark green. It requires little maintenance to keep it healthy, doesn’t need much water, and grows well in hot environments. Its open growth pattern can also be cut with a traditional lawn mower.

  1. Palisades Zoysia: a bright green type of Zoysia. It shares the common traits of the grass type by having a dense growth pattern and resisting weeds. Palisades Zoysia is also resistant to various types of lawn pests, such as grubs. It’s a popular choice for homeowners. This type of grass can grow in various types of soil.  

  1. Meyer Zoysia: a well-regarded type of lawn grass. Meyer Zoysia can grow in many different types of soils and general environments. It resists both hot and cold weather and grows well in direct sunlight. Like other types of Zoysia, it is also resistant to weeds. A notable difference is that it needs more water than other types (at least one inch per week) to grow best.

  1. Zorro Zoysia: this type of Zoysia was created in 2002 at Texas A&M. It grows with a deep-green coloration that is long-lasting, retaining its appearance well into the fall. A tough grass, it also grows well in the shade. Due to its durability, this type of grass is often used by homeowners with children who play outside fairly often.

  1. Zeon Zoysia: another widely used type of Zoysia. Zeon is known for being highly durable. It is also used on golf courses due to its durability. It is a thin-leaf type of grass that grows with a medium-green type of shade. It also responds well to droughts and repairs itself quickly from damage. You don’t have to cut it as often as other types of Zoysia because it is a slow growing grass.

  1. El Toro Zoysia: created at The University of California, El Toro Zoysia is notable for growing in the shade and retaining a dark green color until the fall. It also offers the advantage of not needing much water and being easy to cut, meaning you can grow it as high as 2.5 inches before you cut it.   

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